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Índice | Inglês III | 7º / 9º ano

1. Teens

Personal Identification
Countries and Nationalities
Appearance and Personality

2. Families and Jobs

Family Members
Family Activities
Jobs and Occupations

3. Routines

Everyday Actions
Telling the Time

4. Neighbours and friends

Neighbours´ relationship
Friends´ relationship

5. Welcome Home

House, rooms and furniture
Household Chores
Different Types of Houses

6. School Life

School Facilities

7. City

Places in the City
Means of Transport
City versus Countryside

8. Teens´ favourite

Shops and shopping
Different types of sports

9. English Language (Grammar)

Possessive Determiners and Pronouns
Verb To Be
Verb To Have Got
Possessive Case
Linking words
Prespositions of time
Adverbs of Frequency
Present Simple
Present Continuous
Past Simple - Verb To Be
Past Simple - Regular Verbs
Past Simple-There to be
Past Simple - Irregular verbs
Past continuous
Prepositions of place
Reflexive Pronouns
Comparative of Superiority, Inferiority and Equality
Word Formation
Futur - To be going to
Future - Present Continuous
Futur - Will
Modal Verbs
Prepositions of movement
Indefinite pronouns

10. Celebrations

Valentine´s day

11. Grammar

English Language (Grammar)
Nouns (revision)
Personal pronouns (revision)
Verbs: to be/have got (revision)
Possessive determinants (revision)
Question-words (revision)
Indefinite article:a/an (revision)
Demonstrative determinant and pronouns (revision)
Present simple/continuous (revision)
Frequency adverbs
British/American english
Prepositions of time: in/on/at
Possessive case
Modal verbs: must/musn´t
Simple past: regular verbs+to be and to have got

12. Grammar

English Language (grammar)
Modal Verbs: can/ may/ must/should/ could
Simple Past (Regular and irregular verbs)
Past Continuous
Prepositions of place and movement
Adjectives and Word order
Determinants and Indefinite Pronouns: some, any, no

13. Grammar

English Language (grammar)
Future: Going to/ will
Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
Relative pronouns
Definite and Indefinite Articles
Accentuation and Pronunciation
1. Teens
2. Family
3. Routines
4. Telling the time
5. Neighbours and friends
6. welcome home
7. City
8. Teens´ favourite
9.1. Grammar I
9.2. Grammar II
9.3 Grammar III
10. Celebrations
1.1 Introducing
1.2 Countries and Nationalities
1.3 Describing
1.4 Hobbies
2.1 Family
2.4 Jobs
3.1 Daily Routines
3.2 Telling the time
4.1 Neighbours
4.2 Friends
5.1 Rooms and Furniture
5.2 Household Chores
5.3 Types of Houses
6.1 School Life
7.1 Places in City
7.2 Means of Transport
7.3 City vs Countryside
8.1 Shops and Shopping
8.2 Different types of sports
9.1- Determiners and pronouns
9.2 Verb To Be
9.3 Verb To Have Got
9.4 Adjectives
9.5 Possessive
9.6 Linking words
9.7 Question Words
9.8 Prepositions of Time
9.10 Present Simple
9.11 Present Continuous
9.12 Past Simple - To Have Got/To Be
9.13 Past Simple - Affirmative
9.14 Past Simple - Verb to be
9.15 Past Simple-Regular verbs
9.16 Past Continuous
9.17 Prepositions of Place
9.18 Reflexive Pronouns
9.19 Comparative and superlative
9.20 Superlative adjectives
9.21 Conmpound nouns
9.22 Futur - To be going to
9.24 Futur: Will
9.25 Modal verbs
9.27-Prepositions os movement
9.28-Indefinite pronouns
9.29 Phrasal Verbs