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1. Environmenta lthreats

1. From the list of words below, select the ones related to environmental threats and the ones related to environmental solutions. Complete the table.

2. Read the text below and fill in the missing words.

Climate change

Climate change is happening now: temperatures are rising, rainfall patterns are ________, glaciers and snow are _______, and the global mean sea level is ______. We expect that these changes will continue, and that extreme weather events resulting in hazards such as floods and ________ will become more frequent and intense. Impacts and vulnerabilities for nature, the economy and our ________ differ across regions, territories and economic sectors in Europe. It is very likely that most of the warming since the mid-20th century is due to the observed increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations as a result of ________ from human activities. The global _________ has risen by about 0.8ºC over the past 150 years, and is projected to increase further. Exceeding an increase of 2°C above pre-industrial temperatures raises the risk of dangerous changes for global human and natural ________.

3. Say whether the following sentences are TRUE or FALSE according to the text above

3.1 Climate changes are happening in the present and are expected to continue in the future.

3.2 The consequences of climate change are identical everywhere.

3.3 The global temperature has already risen more than 1ºC.

4. Choose one of the headlines about a natural disaster and write a brief news summary.

5. From the headlines below, select the ones that refer to natural disasters.

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